Let show you how to use the latest technology to automate your business processes, collaborate with your associates and help retain your clients. Give your business the tools to save assets and to speed work flow.

CMS – Content managements systems and collaboration:
Actualize Media custom Content Management & Collaboration Tools create a powerful system that gives you the control to manage your content and business processes in real-time. Our solutions feature simple, yet engaging interfaces that not only aid in allowing your internals with no programming experience to make updates on the fly. But allow your compliance departments to approve online communications and content before they go live. This reduces costs through more efficient asset sharing, revisions, and approvals. Our systems can be easily incorporated within most technical infrastructures and other applications you may have already in place.

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Ecommerce solutions:
Are you tried of shopping carts and off the shelf ecommerce solutions that just don’t work or won’t integrate with your other applications? Let Actualize Media build you one of our custom e-commerce storefronts with our proprietary cart and CMS systems. We build our system custom to fit your needs and help you maximize sales and customer retention.

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SaaS – online application development and planning:
We are masters of Saas development and custom applications. From Architecture planning to software implementation we bring advanced online system to market with the tools to help you achieve your business objectives.

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Project management dashboards:
We use advanced project management systems to collaborate with our clients during a project to help manage content, approvals and correspondences. This in turn speeds work flow and communications with our clients to get projects done on time and within budget.

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